Xenical – Roche Pharmaceuticals


Roche Pharmaceuticals has asked us to create a global brand name for a prescription medication that assists obese patients to lose weight and keep it off. The primary focus in developing this brand name was ‘subliminal messaging’.

Our brand name finalists were:

  • Asatia
  • Erastae
  • Sylaphe
  • Arcesa
  • Lithera
  • Venix
  • Brevin
  • Modese
  • Xenical®
  • Destive
  • Quotra
  • Zalign

After rigorous global linguistic analysis and trademark screening, we subjected our 12 brand name finalists to a ScoreCard analysis to evaluate the phonetic, aural, visual and syllabic elements of each name. To further evaluate the resonance of each potential name candidate, we conducted QualiQuantitative Interviews with 200 respondents including dieticians, physicians, and obese patients.

Our research revealed that respondents noted that Modese implied a ‘modification to obesity.’ Asatia served as our secondary recommendation, resonating with feelings of ‘satisfaction’ and ‘satiation.’ Finally, our respondents quickly connected with Xenical, noting it as efficacious, peaceful, effective, and powerful. Most notably, it is ‘zen-like.’