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Brand Acumen

$ 1,000,000,000,000

Brand Acumen's four names have created $1,000,000,000,000 (One Trillion) dollars in historical revenue for one company, Microsoft. The Names: XBox™, Outlook™, Excel™ and Access.

From the craftsmen that coined the iconic brand names XBox®, Escalade®, and Viagra®, we bring you branding – redefined. Our brand choreographers and thought mixologists deploy cutting-edge methodologies that inspire. We are the authors of the universal brand manifesto. We are instigators.

We are Brand Acumen.
We redefine the fundamentals of using art and language as a guide to developing profound brand identities.

Our Purpose
At Brand Acumen, brand creation is our form of artistic expression.

Bill Smith, CEO

  • Bill

    Bill Smith is Founder and CEO of Brand Acumen.

    Having authored over 2200 brand names, Bill is responsible for naming products which have generated over $1 Trillion in revenue for his clients. He has penned Escalade (Cadillac), XBox (Microsoft), Abilify (BMS/Otsuka), Outlook (Microsoft), Pavilion (HP), Avastin (Roche), Element (Honda), Lexapro (Forrest Labs), Access (Microsoft), and Excel (Microsoft).


    Jessica Caldone serves as Director of Nomenclature Strategy & Innovation at Brand Acumen. Previously, Jessica was Director of Brand Development and Research for Sony Pictures where she oversaw the naming of movie and TV titles.

  • Tony

    Anthony White, Vice President, Drug and Biological Drug Products, is widely respected for his extensive experience in policy development and his comprehensive knowledge of the regulatory environment.


    Brian T. Corrigan, Vice President, Regulatory Policy, joins Brand Acumen following over a decade of professional experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Brian served as a key member of the Government Affairs and Public Policy organization at Menarini Pharmaceuticals. There, he led the development of the company’s EMEA and FDA policy strategies.

  • Becca

    Rebecca Prince is Director of Name Design and Architecture at Brand Acumen, responsible for design & copywriting, brand management, and the integration of digital marketing into the brand fabric.


    Tom McMahon was named Chief Brand Officer in December 2013 and is responsible for leading Brand Acumen’s efforts to further enhance its brand reputation among key constituencies including advertisers and media.

Screen frame

“Carson is the most googled graphic designer in history, even surpassing some well known fine artists”

Eye magazine, London

At Brand Acumen, name creation is our form of artistic expression.

As the world around us changes, we need to adapt and push forward as well. But while we are getting ready for the future, we would like to invite you for a quick trip to the past and present phenomenal work of one of the most influential graphic designers of our times. Brand Acumen’s first website was made by David Carson, and it is safe to say that it was a piece of art that we are still really proud of.

David Carson

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