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Name conception and creation

Using a combination of deep inquiry pursuits and radical ideation exercises, we harvest a short list of name candidates that express the essence across a comprehensive range of associations – in line with the conceptual target we have established.

Inherent in our proces is balancing the creative with the strategic, the inspired with the practical. At every iteration we screen our naming candidates for legal defensibility and perform linguistic scrutiny alongsidecreative generation. This cross audit enables full confidence in our earliest candidates and protects theprocess form unnecessary challenges to a swift turnaround. Our three-sided approach demands that we strike a balance between the strategic, the linguistically sound and the legally available at every step, ensuring unencumbered viability.

Brand name development process

  • Project kickoff

    Identify and understand existing name strategy, positioning, market research, potential for growth.

  • Naming strategy

    Uncover insights and define objectives with key project stakeholders.

  • Competitive review

    Analyze how competing brands are presented, viewed, named, and accepted in the target market.